Sunday, July 10, 2011


Elizabeth Miles

Okay, I really got sucked in by that amazing cover.  It's absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, the rest of the work isn't as awe-inducing.

Fury is the first book in a trilogy that sees three beautiful girls come into a sleepy town in Maine and wreak havoc on its naughtier inhabitants.  The story is told through the eyes of two students from the local high school, Em and Chase, with alternating chapters.  Em is in the middle of a love triangle involving her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend.  She's tortured by her role, but not enough to deter her from carrying on with the affair until she finds out what a real piece of work the love of her life is.  Chase, on the other hand, is a super athlete at the school who's very self-conscious about how poor his family is.  He wants to be the popular guy, yet is very calculating on how he hides this aspect of his life that he's embarrassed of.  For the most part, these two characters are really well-developed.  We get their motives, and get a detailed glimpse into their daily lives.  However, they're kind of loathsome characters that I wasn't very happy to spend my time with.  And they're kind of dumb when it comes to what's going on around them, gullible and dense to the situations they find themselves in.  Some of the secondary characters are well-established as well, but some, like Em's best friend's boyfriend, is completely two-dimensional, made up to just be a villain.

The story moves along at a nice clip, with eerie hints of the supernatural pulling readers along, but it's nothing that we haven't really seen before, and like I said before, our tour guides are two reprehensible characters.  We've seen greek mythology blended into a modern-day setting much better than is done here.  While it is well-written, I can only hope that Miles provides some better characters to populate her books in the future.

Fury will be in stores 8/30/11.

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