Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book of the week 7/5

Here is the YA book you should be paying attention to, due in bookstores on Tuesday...

The Tomb (Dave Ferraro) - I wouldn't be much of an author if I didn't say that people should buy my book, so this week's pick of the week is my new book, a stand-alone prequel to the Hunters of the Dark series.  It's a YA horror novel, available as an e-book through Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Here's the synopsis:

18-year-old Rachel Thyme has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime when she joins an archaeological dig off the coast of Australia. Eager to have some experience under her belt, she doesn’t question the rumors the locals tell of the previous archaeology crews and the haunting disappearances. She ignores the first signs that something is wrong when her crewmates begin to do strange things, that propel them deeper into the bowels of Black Forest Island. But she can hardly write off discovery after discovery that lead her to confront a long-hidden tomb and puts into question what she thinks she knows about the supernatural.

Rachel wants nothing more than to prove herself on this excursion, especially as it was her daddy’s money that helped her land this job, and as she makes friends, and even sees a little romance, she discovers horrors she can hardly imagine, from evil slowly awakening around her, to the hidden demons locked in her past.

Other Noteworthy Releases

Twisted (A Pretty Little Liars novel) (Sara Shepard)
Original Sin (A Personal Demons novel) (Lisa Desrochers)
Sweep (Volume 4): Seeker, Origins, Eclipse (Cate Tiernan)
Stealing Bases (A Pretty Tough novel) (Keri Mikulski)
Blindsided (Priscilla Cummings)
Lost Voices (Sarah Porter)
Glee: Summer Break (Sophia Lowell)
Paradise (Jill S. Alexander)
The Siren's Cry (Jennifer Anne Kogler)
Sirensong (Jenna Black)
Falling For Hamlet (Michelle Ray)
White Crow (Marcus Sedgwick)
A Scary Scene In a Scary Movie (Matt Blackstone)
The Serpent's Coil (Christy Raedeke)

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