Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teen Retro: Roswell High

With the success of I Am Number Four, a wave of young adult books featuring aliens can't be far behind.  One YA series of aliens that I read growing up and remember loving was Melinda Metz's Roswell High (from 1998), the book series that was eventually translated to TV as Roswell.  As you can see from the pictures below, after five books of original covers, they released the other books in the series with covers of the actors who played the characters on the show (including Katherine Heigl and the delicious Jason Behr), eventually going back and rereleasing the first five books to match (although it was too late for me by then).  The original covers were pretty cheesy.  When the series came out, they obviously made the books much sleeker (although admittedly, they still look a bit lame), and designed a better logo to go along with them.

Synopsis, of book one, from the publisher:

"Liz has seen him around.  It's hard to miss Max - the tall, blond, blue-eyed senior stands out in her high school crowd.  So why is he such a loner?

Max is in love with Liz.  He loves the way her eyes light up when she laughs.  And the way her long, black hair moves when she turns her head.  Most of all, he loves to imagine what it would be like to kiss her.

But Max knows he can't get too close.  He can't let her discover the truth about who he is.  Or really, what he is...

Because the truth could kill her."

Shortly after Roswell High had concluded, Melinda Metz wrote another YA series called Fingerprints, about a girl who is able to hear what people were thinking at the moment they left their fingerprints behind on objects.  She gets these psychic impressions when she comes into contact with those fingerprints herself.  Back in July, this series began to be collected in those fashionable omnibus collections as Echoes, including the first three books of Fingerprints.  And on September 21st, an original paperback will be released by Melinda Metz, co-written with Laura J. Burns, about vampires, called Crave.

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