Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teen Retro: Vampire's Love

Welcome to to my first semi-regular feature on TEEN-sy Little Book Blog.  In Teen Retro, I'll post the covers of some old teen titles and talk about them a bit.  My first subject is the series Vampire's Love by Janice Harrell.  I'm actually pretty surprised that this hasn't been rereleased with all of the repackaging of older material going on.  This two-volume series was originally put out by Scholastic in 1995 and featured, well, a romance between a human and a vampire.  The vampires in this story are much more traditional than the sparkly vampires of nowadays, with vampires turning into mist and whatnot, but still, I see plenty of appeal in this rather action-filled paranormal romance for today's readers.  And I know that Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire was recently republished as Thirst, and features a female vampire, but it would nice to see more ladies taking charge in these paranormal romances as the tortured "monsters."

Synopsis, from the publisher:

"A Tortured Soul...

Rina is beautiful, mysterious, and alone.  She was sixteen when her mortal life was stolen - two hundred years ago.  Now she walks the earth cursed.  Undead.  But that was before James...

A Human Heart...

James knows there is something very strange about Rina.  He has never met anyone so mysterious - or so deadly.  But James has a girlfriend who'd do almost anything to keep Rina away from him.  What Chelsea doesn't know is that Rina is a vampire: Her love for James is almost as powerful as her need for blood.  And Rina always gets what she needs..."

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