Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Christopher Pike

There are more reprints of Christopher Pike books on the way, and very soon.

First up is Chain Letter, which includes two previously published novels, Chain Letter and Bury Me Deep.  Interesting choice to include Bury Me Deep in this collection when there's a sequel to Chain Letter that would have been more appropriate.  Below are the original covers for the books.

I don't remember much about the original Chain Letter, but I remember Bury Me Deep as being a really good thriller.  According to Amazon, it was scheduled for release in early February, but it's not available through their site yet, and Barnes & Noble doesn't even have a listing for it yet.  However, a few other titles are slated for release through all sites on March 8th, although covers aren't available yet: Die Softly and Road To Nowhere (original covers below).

I would assume that these titles will be paired with other books to make them about the page length of current young adult books, but the descriptions don't really give any indication.

Coming March 29th are two of Pike's adult books.  Sati is about a woman who is perhaps a modern day messiah, while The Season of Passage is about astronauts who encounter something strange on the moon, returning to Earth and kind of turning into a vampire book.  Right now, Barnes & Noble lists Sati as a young adult book, which would be odd since the characters in these books are adults, but I'm assuming the classification will change before it's released.  Original covers below.

Finally, another volume of Thirst is arriving with more brand-new material, as well as another reprint, collecting a trilogy that Pike wrote early in his career, originally called Final Friends, renamed in an omnibus volume as Until the End.

Until the End is being released on September 6th, while Thirst (Volume 4) will be coming out August 9th.

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