Friday, October 22, 2010

Thirst (Volume 3)

The Eternal Dawn
Christopher Pike

The third omnibus volume of Thirst is a continuation of The Last Vampire series (of which have been collected as Thirst) by Christopher Pike.  It's been fourteen years since Christopher Pike wrapped up the series in The Last Vampire (Volume 6): Creatures of Forever, but it seems the popularity of the title as it's being reprinted (in wake of The Twilight Saga phenomenon) has justified more stories from Pike focusing on the thousands-year-old vampire Sita, or Alisa, or whoever she decides to be, continuing the story in a way that sort of fudges around how Pike left the books, in a way that makes sense and is appropriate.  It's exciting to get a fresh story after all these years, one as action-packed and full of surprises (and gore) as the original books.  This title reads very quickly and is more action than horror, has a hint of romance, and is big on plot twists.  Like the previous books in The Last Vampire series, this book has a good amount of contemplation of Sita's existence, including her closeness to Krishna.  The main thrust of the book finds Alisa befriending one of her descendants, and consequently trying to keep her safe as two warring groups try to kill her.  Conspiracies abound as Alisa attempts to unravel the mystery of strange events that occur around her.  This book has pretty much everything you'd hope for in a fun YA thriller, with characters that you really come to care for.  Pike's writing remains strong after his long hiatus and creates a new chapter that's definitely worthy to carry on the franchise.

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